When the strata conditions are unstable, Casing is required to be driven to overall depth to prevent hole's collapse.
It is called All Casing method (Benoto Method, Shaft Drilling).
To drive the Casing and retract it after concreting, Casing Oscillator is strongly recommended to use.
With its superior oscillating torque and lifting force, the machine shows the best performance of driving and retracting the casing.
If it is used together with Hammer Grab, it shows the fast excavating speed with its big volume of jaw and it is available for
excavating gravels and boulders layer.


Advantages of BUMA CE Casing Oscillator

▪ Flexible Sliding Box
When the oscillator is operated, much torque and force are concentrated on oscillating cylinder’s rod and center rod.
Sometimes it causes too much stress on the parts and make them broken.
BUMA fl xible sliding box (patent) release the stress and provide stable and durable working condition.
▪ Remote Control
BUMA Casing Oscillator has 2 types of control, hydraulic manual control and remote control.
With this benefi if the remote control is out of order and urgently required to operate the machine, it can be operated using hydraulic manual control.
▪ User-Friendly Maintenance


Casing Oscillator Method(Horizontal scroll)

1. Install starter casing equipped with cutting shoe.
Add new casing section with bolted connection.
2. Excavate soil continuously during casing installation.
Maintain water head inside casing to balance external hydrostatic head at all times.
3. Add new casing sections until pile has been excavated to depth. Keep casing tip ahead of excavation at all times.
4. Install reinforcement cage and suspend at proper elevation. 5. Pour concrete using sectional tremie pipe.
Maintain concrete head above casing tip at all times.
6. Remove casing and tremie pipe sections simultaneously as concrete is poured.

General Type (Horizontal scroll)

General Type
Model C1500G C2000G C2500G C3000G C3300G
Max.Casing Diameter 1.5m (4.9ft) 2.0m (6.6ft) 2.5m (8.2ft) 3.0m (9.8ft) 3.3m (10.8ft)
Max.Oscillating Torque 285ton.m
Max.Lifting Force 243ton (535,723lbf) 314ton (692,252lbf) 581ton (1,280,886lbf) 726ton (1,600,556lbf) 1,018ton (2,244,306lbf)
Lifting Stroke 600mm (23.6in) 600mm (23.6in) 650mm (25.6in) 650mm (25.6in) 650mm (25.6in)
Max.Clamping Force 197ton (434,311lbf) 257ton (566,588lbf) 402ton (886,258lbf) 509ton (1,122,153lbf) 509ton (1,122,153lbf)
Weight (Approx.) 26ton (57,320lb) 31ton (68,343lb) 48ton (105,822lb) 53ton (116,845lb) 66ton (145,505lb)
Overall Width 3,261mm (10.7ft) 3,589mm (11.8ft) 4,240mm (13.9ft) 4,850mm (15.9ft) 5,300mm (17.4ft)
Overall Length 6,931mm (22.7ft) 7,921mm (26.ft) 8,961mm (29.4ft) 9,171mm (30.1ft) 10,420mm (34.2ft)
Overall Height 2,210mm (7.3ft) 2,210mm (7.3ft) 2,575mm (8.4ft) 2,655mm (8.7ft) 2,750mm (9.ft)
Power Pack P2612C / P3618C
P3818C / P4214D
P2612C / P3618C
P3818C / P4214D
P3618C / P5318C
P5518V / P4218D
P5318C /
P5518V / P4218D
P5318C / P5518V
P6028C / P6128V

Heavy Duty Type (Horizontal scroll)

Heavy Duty Type
Model C2000H C2500H C3000H C3300H C3600H
Max.Casing Diameter 2,000mm (6.6ft) 2,500mm (8.2ft) 3,000mm (9.8ft) 3,300mm (10.8ft) 3,600mm (11.8ft)
Max.Oscillating Torque 721ton.m
Max.Lifting Force 581ton (1,280,886lbf) 726ton (1,600,556lbf) 804ton (1,772,517lbf) 1,120ton(2,469,177lbf) 1,257ton (2,771,211lbf)
Lifting Stroke 600mm (23.6in) 650mm (25.6in) 650mm (25.6in) 650mm (25.6in) 650mm (25.6in)
Max.Clamping Force 402ton (886,258lbf) 509ton (1,122,153lbf) 509ton (1,122,153lbf) 532ton (1,172,859lbf) 579ton (1,276,476lbf)
Weight (Approx.) 42ton (92,594lb) 54ton (119,049lb) 58ton (127,868lb) 70ton (154,323lb) 87ton (191,802lb)
Overall Width 3,827mm (12.6ft) 4,210mm (13.8ft) 4,850mm (15.9ft) 5,300mm (17.4ft) 5,740mm (18.8ft)
Overall Length 8,431mm (27.7ft) 9,066mm (29.7ft) 9,171mm (30.1ft) 10,420mm (34.2ft) 10,840mm (35.6ft)
Overall Height 2,525mm (8.3ft) 2,655mm (8.7ft) 2,655mm (8.7ft) 2,780mm (9.1ft) 2,900mm (9.5ft)
Power Pack P2612C / P3618C
P3818C / P4214D
P3618C / P5318C
P5518V / P4218D
P5518V / P4218D
P5318C / P5518V
P6028C / P6128V
P6028C / P6128V

Tiny Type(Horizontal scroll)

Tiny Type
Model C1000T C1300T C1500T C2000T C2500T
Max.Casing Diameter 1,000mm (3.3ft) 1,300mm (4.3ft) 1,500mm (4.9ft) 2,000mm (6.6ft) 2,500mm (8.2ft)
Max.Oscillating Torque 86ton.m
Max.Lifting Force 99ton (218,258lbf) 129ton (284,396lbf) 201ton (443,129lbf) 243ton (535,723lbf) 314ton (692,252lbf)
Lifting Stroke 320mm (12.6in) 400mm (17.7in) 450mm (17.7in) 450mm (17.7in) 450mm (17.7in)
Max.Clamping Force 64ton (141,096lbf) 133ton (293,215lbf) 157ton (346,126lbf) 183ton (403,446lbf) 226ton (498,245lbf)
Weight (Approx.) 6ton (13,228lb) 13ton (28,660lb) 15.1ton (33,290lb) 20.3ton (44,754lb) 25ton (55,116lb)
Overall Width 2,239mm (7.3ft) 2,539mm (8.3ft) 2,815mm (9.2ft) 3,345mm (11.ft) 3,965mm (13.ft)
Overall Length 3,145mm (10.3ft) 3,990mm (13.1ft) 4,315mm (14.2ft) 5,272mm (17.3ft) 6,280mm (20.6ft)
Overall Height 1,250mm (4.1ft) 1,600mm (5.2ft) 1,600mm (5.2ft) 1,685mm (5.5ft) 1,890mm (6.2ft)



Specification (Horizontal scroll)

Model Emission
Output & rpm
250bar (Max. 350bar)
Size Weight
P2612C TIER2, 3, 4F 194kW / 260HP / 2,200rpm 228ℓ/min x 2 1,912W x 4,800L x 2,476H 7.5 ton
P3618C TIER3 268kW / 360HP / 2,100rpm 324ℓ/min x 2 1,912W x 4,800L x 2,476H 8ton
P3818C TIER4F 285kW / 388HP / 1,900rpm 324ℓ/min x 2 1,912W x 4,800L x 2,476H 8ton
P4214D TIER1 307kW / 418HP/ 1,800rpm 252ℓ/min x 2 1,900W x 4,800L x 2,340H 8.5ton
P4218D TIER1 307kW / 41BHP/ 1,800rpm 324ℓ/min x 2 1,900W x 5,400L x 2,300H 8.5ton
P5318C TIER3, 4F 399kW / 535HP / 2,100rpm 324ℓ/min x 2 1,912W x 5,400L x 2,562H 11ton
P5418V TIER3 397kW / 540HP / 1,800rpm 324ℓ/min x 2 1,912W x 5,400L x 2,562H 11ton
P5518V TIER4F 405kW / 551HP / 1,900rpm 324ℓ/min x 2 1,900W x 5,400L x 2,300H 11ton
P6028C TIER3, 4F 447kW / 600HP / 2,100rpm 504ℓ/min x 2 1,912W x 5,400L x 2,562H 11.5ton
P6128V TIER4F 450kW / 612HP / 1,800rpm 504ℓ/min x 2 1,912W x 5,400L x 2,562H 11.5ton

* Option:Application of differnt engine brand(Volvo, Caterpillar) is availavle.