Introduction of R&D Center

BUMA CE has been focusing on the development
of the foundation equipment and pursues
the advanced technology and value.

The attached R&D center of BUMA CE, LTD. retains a number of professionals of master's and doctorate level, and devotes its energies to development of professional foundation equipment for eco-friendly civil foundation works. On the basis of massive experience and technology accrued for 20 years since its establishment, it has developed professional foundation equipment for
eco-friendly civil foundation works for green growth, and is setting forth its unremitting efforts to be the world best R&D center in manufacturing foundation equipment through full support for R&D and progressive investment in order to meet ever-changing market situation and diversified needs of internal and external clients .

Research Area

Reverse Circulation Drilling (R.C.D) Rig
Casing Rotator
Casing Oscillator
Rotary Drilling Rig
Hammer Grab
Mechanical Diaphragm Wall Grab
Hydraulic Diaphragm Wall Grab

Technology Development Status

Stationary Large Bored Drilling Equipment
Development of Casing Oscillator (1.5m~4m)
Development of Large Bored R.C.D (Reverse Circulation Drilling Rig) (0.6m~4m)
Development of Large Bored DW-10 R.C.D (over 10m)

Self-propelled Large Bored foundation Equipment
The 1st Development of 180kN.m Rotary Drilling Rig in Korea
Development of Bumdrill for Civil Foundation Works
Development of Eco-friendly Hydraulic Diaphragm Wall Grab

Equipment Parts for Civil Foundation Work
Development of Kelly Bar for Rotary Drilling Rig
Development of Power Pack for Civil Foundation Work(300Hp~600Hp)
Development of Planetary Gear Reducer (1~2 gear)
Development of Roller Cutter and Bit
Development of Mechanic and Diaphragm Wall Grab
Development of Swivel
Development of Shield Back Fill Plants