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BUMA CE CO., LTD. are a leading manufacturer and supplier of foundation equipment.
We have been supplying our construction equipments to American, European, Asian and African markets since 1992.

Reverse Circulation Drilling (RCD), also known as airlifting, is an effective drilling method for large diameter and deep depths.
It is highly efficient, safe and an environmentally friendly solution.

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The casing oscillator method provides a superior method for drilled shaft construction with highly quality
ensuring an uninterrupted construction schedule through the elimination of anomalies.

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The use of a casing rotator to install casings will result in a high quality drilled shaft,
minimize concrete overrun and this technology is the only proven method to drill large diameter shaft in caving condition.

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Reverse Circulation Drilling Rig

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Casing Oscillator

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Casing Rotator

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